david_danz_headshotFor 11 years, David A. Danz prosecuted cases as Walworth County’s District Attorney. This experience provided Attorney Danz with an up-close, first-hand view into the justice system, how cases are built, how juries think, and what defendants need to do to protect their rights.

He also learned that individuals are more likely to be impacted by criminal defense and family law issues than any other legal matter. For 30 years now, Attorney Danz has specialized in these two fields, providing knowledgeable, effective and personal legal representation for thousands of clients across southeastern Wisconsin.

By taking a personal approach with his clients, Attorney Danz is able to fully understand the underlying issues and develop a customized, aggressive legal strategy. Even when the evidence seems strong against you, we can ensure your rights are protected, that you receive a fair trial, and that justice is served.  For family law cases, he helps serve as a buffer, diffusing tensions and emotions, making sure decisions are made based in fact and fairness.

Attorney Danz is a member of the Wisconsin State Bar Association and Walworth County Bar Association. He was argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and is permitted to represent clients in federal court.

Everyone is entitled under the US Constitution to skilled, quality legal representation. if you’re facing criminal charges, or stressful court proceedings, don’t hesitate, call Attorney David A. Danz for experienced, aggressive, personalized legal representation when you need it the most.